Mátyás Németh

He was born in a family of musicians in Győr. His father was his first violin teacher. He graduated in 2008 from Varga Tibor Institute of Music as the student of Márta Svikruha. He achieved excellent results in several competitions; in 2005 he received an award of excellence in the National Chamber Music Competition, in 2008 he won the first prize at the National College Strings Competition and was awarded with the rector’s prize. He is the awardee of several Zathureczky violin contests.

From 2008 he was the student of Liszt Academy of Music in Eszter Perényi’s class. As the concertmaster of the university’s orchestra, he participated in numerous concerts both in Hungary and abroad. In 2010, he had his graduation concert in the Richter Room in Győr accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Győr.

In 2011 as a concertmaster he took part in the tour of the Eufonia Ensemble, Zoltán Kocsis’s freshly founded orchestra, linking Central European universities.

He has been the permanent member of the Concerto Budapest since 2020 and of the Budapest Strings since 2013.