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XXVI Haydn Festival - Pápa

We are pleased to invite you to enjoy the VIP Day of the XXVI Haydn Festival and to support the classical music culture.

The VIP ticket holders can attend the premiere of The Legend (a multimedia concert show), written in honour of the 200th anniversary of the Hungarian National Anthem, including a champagne reception with a private castle tour and an exclusive military airport visit.


The Legend
XXVI Haydn Festival - VIP programmes

Saturday, 20 July 2023

16:00 – Exclusive castle tour with champagne

Together with local organisers, we have created interactive guided tours where visitors can learn about the history of the wonderfully decorated rooms of the building, hear exciting legends about the life of the Esterházy family and see how everyday life was lived in the castle.

17:00 – Visiting Hungarian Defence Forces, the 47th Air Base, with a transfer

Visit to the military airbase combined with a dog show, a visit to the control tower, and a demonstration of the airbase fire trucks. The military airbase, which also performs NATO missions, was chosen as the main operational base for the SAC program and the C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft in 2008. Thanks to the program, Hungary’s recognition has significantly increased within NATO and the EU alliance in recent years.

Available only for those who register before 14th July 2023!

20:00 – Behind the scenes

A discussion with the cast and creators about the artwork

21:00 – The Legend – Multimedia Concert Show (Premiere)In honour of the 200th anniversary of theHungarian National Anthem

Location: courtyard of the Esterházy Castle – Pápa Rain date: Sunday, 23 July 2023, 21:00

Magor Bucz – Péter Bekker: The Legend

Composer, arranger: Magor Bucz
Choreographer: Tamás Topolánszky
Director, production manager: Péter Bekker

Andrea Navratil – folk singer
Kátya Tompos – narrator
Saint Ephraim Male Choir
Budapest Strings
János Pilz – concertmaster
Erik Dániel Fülöp – conductor

Navratil Andrea
Andrea Navratil - folk singer
Tompos Kátya színművész
Kátya Tompos - actress
Szent Efrém Férfikar
Saint Ephraim Male Choir
Budapesti Vonósok
Budapest Strings


The Budapest Strings are presenting a unique programme for this year’s Haydn Festival concert on Saturday evening. In honour of the two-hundred-year-old national prayer, Kölcsey’s Hymn, Magor Bucz and Péter Bekker have envisioned a multimedia concert-show in the courtyard of the Esterházy Castle. With a long history, the chamber orchestra will share the stage with such outstanding performers as the actress Kátya Tompos, the folk singer Andrea Navratil and the Saint Ephraim Male Choir.

During the eighty-minute musical journey, the history of the Hungarian nation is revived through the verses of the Hymn. A wide range of emotions awaits the audience as the show will be about love and togetherness, disappointment and forgiveness. The professionalism and expressiveness – of the Budapest Strings and the Saint Ephraim Male Choir – guarantee that these emotions can be lived by the audience as well. The speciality of the concert lies in the spectacle awaiting the audience in the courtyard of the castle. The outstanding works of Hungarian music history are accompanied by a fascinating film that synchronises the rhythm and mood of the music. Exciting stories and stunning landscapes deepen the experience and enhance the artistic effect. Art of dance is also featured in the moving image thanks to the artists of GG Tánc Eger (GG Dance Eger), choreographed by the Harangozó-award-winner Hungarian dance artist and choreographer Tamás Topolánszky. A remarkable celebration of the Hungarian National Anthem provides a musical experience and appeals to all our senses, guaranteeing that everyone in the audience will leave the concert with unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss this special occasion: be a part of the celebration of Hungarian music and culture in a broader sense! Please meet us at the XXVI Pápai Haydn Festival, and let’s celebrate together Ferenc Kölcsey’s Hymn, our Hymn!