Adél Miklós

Adél Miklós began her music lessons and started to learn the violin as the student of Árpád Máthé in her home city of Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca). During her years spent in a music lyceum in Bucharest, she won the third prize at the National Youth Competition.

Later, as a student at the Academy of Music in Budapest, her teachers were János Pallagi, Sándor Devich, Károly Botvay and Imre Rohmann. Starting from 1984, she became the member of Danubius String Quartet and, following numerous concerts and album recordings, she was among the award-winners of string quartet competitions organised in Graz, Evian and Reggio Emilia.

She played in the Budapest Festival Orchestra for nearly ten years. She has been the member of Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra since 2012.