In the light of classics 2. – CANCELLED! – NEW DATE: 14 MAY 2021

Janáček: Suite for string orchestra, JW 6/2

Bánk Sáry: The eternal poem

S. Bach: Cantata – „Komm du süsse Todesstunde”, BWV 161 (aria – Mein verlangen)

László Sáry: The elderly Tambur player

Featuring vocal soloist:  László Kéringer – tenor

Host of the event:  Szabolcs Molnár music historian

“I am most attracted to Baroque music and to the music of ages older than Baroque, and of course to my contemporaries,” said Bánk Sáry recently. In his recently completed composition, “The Eternal Poem,” however, he looks back much farther, both in time and space: with the piece, he summoned a Chinese poet who wrote 1300 years ago. But how was all this received in China? The string orchestra piece by the Czech Janáček’s refers to a baroque genre, while László Sáry’s work, completed in 2017, was made for the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Hungarian poet, János Arany. The summoned “The elderly Tambura player” sometimes recalls old songs, sometimes he makes up this and that himself, then he remembers a song, some lyrics while chicory, his “melody becomes complicatedly German”. Is it possible that Arany (or László Sáry) was thinking of Bach? But what makes the hour of death sweet, and how can one long for it?

We can promise that in the new season of In the Light of the Classics series of concerts, there will be no questions unanswered.


2021 febr 13



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