In the Light of Classics 1.

Honegger: Hymn
Péter Tornyai: By word of mouth – to Barnabas Dukay – premiere
Barnabás Dukay: (this year he celebrates his 70th birthday)
1., E. Satie – Dukay B .: The Second Piece of The Nazarethian
2. Blessed are those who are sad because they are comforted
3. Among the saints of the Pantocrator
4., The second motet of the heart resting alone
Liszt Ferenc: Angelus

Host of the evening:  Szabolcs Molnár  music historian

Barnabás Dukay turned 70 in the summer of 2020. Almost no traces of gestures of artistic self-presentation affected his composing style – nonetheless, or due to this very reason, a Dukay piece can be recognized by almost a single voice. His works are connected to the past in many ways, while they are canons of his favourite masters’ works, they outlines an alternative musical history. In this canon, composers considered to be distant from each other play a remarkably important role, such as Bach, Satie, or Liszt. But how can a young artist like Peter Tornyai relate to this canon? And how did he find Honegger’s piece of string orchestra with a special tone?




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