New Year’s concert with the Hot Jazz Band – CANCELLED!

Shostakovich: Waltz
G. Gershwin: Summertime
G. Gershwin: Swanee
Louis Armstrong: What a wonderful world, Very thought of you
Tamás Hegedűs: Ash at the end of the cigarette
Mihály Eisemann: On a May night
Leroy Anderson: Typewriter

Tamás Deák: Géza Mézga
Leroy Anderson: Fiddle-faddle
Rezső Seress: Gloomy Sunday
Pál Ábrahám Paul: Ball in Savoy – My golden baby
Szabolcs Fényes: I’m there for you
Frank Bridge: Sally in our alley & Cherry Ripe
Szabolcs Fényes: A skirt and a pair of pants – I will never marry
Szabolcs Fényes: Maya – Hacacáré (A loud and joyous party)
Béla Dolecskó: Whoever is alive will dance swing

Featuring The Hot Jazz Band

Evergreens from the golden era of jazz, operetta and film hits that have become classics, familiar announcements. At the concert featuring the Louis Armstrong Memorial and Kossuth Prize-winning Hot Jazz Band and the Budapest Strings, members of the audience can vow “I will never get married”, but of course they can also muse at “How wonderful the world is!” The popular adaptations by Hot Jazz Band are complemented by a rich and velvety string orchestral sound, but not only because we can let down our hair at New Year’s Eve!




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from 9000 HUF

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Corinthia Hotel Budapest, Ball Room
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49.
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