Music corner Festival at Óbuda III

planned for May 29 - 31, 2020

Information to be available later on this website.




International Haydn Festival XXIV

planned for summer of 2020

Information to be available later on this website.


in 1995 the members of the Budapest Strings decided to hold a series of concerts in the middle of the summer in the beautiful hall of mirrors in the Esterhaza Palace. The then director of the palace museum Jolán Bak readily welcomed the idea and the series of concerts - four on successive days - was named the HAYDN FESTIVAL.. Since until then there had been no regular musical life in the Esterhaza palace the hugely successful series of concerts by the Budapest Strings in 1995 began a process whereby today the palace is once again a venue that attracts rich and varied musical programmes.

Over the past years the July "International Haydn Festival" has become one of the summer's most attractive musical events during which all concerts play to capacity audiences, some members of which return every year not only from Hungary, but from Austria and Germany as well. Soloists and ensembles from Hungary and abroad are happy to be invited, feeling it an honour to perform within the walls where Haydn himself once made music. At the same time we can say that the Budapest Strings' summer series of concerts directed attention to the palace's fairly neglected condition, thanks to which today a whole series of musical events await music-lovers in a building that has been partially restored. Thus it seems possible that the original goal will be achieved of the Esterhaza Palace becoming - as in its days of glory - once again the home of lively and variegated musical events.